18. ERFURTER SCHMUCKSYMPOSIUM 17. Juli bis 01. August 2021

The 18th ERFURT JEWELLERY SYMPOSIUM 17 July to 1 August 2021

Wir planen derzeit das 18. Erfurter Schmucksymposium im Sommer 2021 und freuen uns darauf, folgende Künstlerinnen und Künstler in Erfurt zu begrüßen:

We are currently planning the 18th ERFURT JEWELLERY SYMPOSIUM in the summer of 2021 and look forward to welcome the following artists to Erfurt:

Alexandra Bahlmann, Germany
David Bielander, Switzerland
Babette Boucher, France
Yura Bylkov, Russia
Danni Chen, China
Barbora Jamrichová, Slovakia
Felix Lindner, Germany
Florian Milker, Germany
Mandy Rasch, Germany
Karola Torkos, Germany

* * * * *

timeline (Mai 2021)

“Erfurter Schmucksymposium” 2021:

17.07.2021: arrival at Erfurts artists studios, accomodation, get together (no visitors)
18.07.2021 – 30.07.2021: working together in the artist studios of the City of Erfurt / exchange in artistic technique, research on the material, etc.
(Maybe there will be some guides tours in Erfurts museums or other important cultural / historical places in Erfurt or Thuringia.)
If allowed we will open the artists studios for visitors (“Open Day”) in the second week.
29./30.07.2021: preparation of the results presentation at the Angermuseum of the City of Erfurt
31.07.2021: during the day: jewellers colloquium (witz special guests)
31.07.2021: at the evening: Opening at the Angermuseum (exhibition of the symposiums results)
01.08.2021: end of the ESS, departure

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